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SEAT Party Boat

Time to start the biggest events in the sunny Carinthia, The GTI Meeting, with more than 100,000 visitors expected we launch the SEAT Party Boat back to life in the clear water of Wörthersee.
Thanks’ to the Event The MS Klagenfurt one of the largest ship on the Wörthersee fleet takes a full body treatment .Outside already widely by the massive branding recognizable remains inside no stone unturned : Cool lounge furniture , stylish bars , fat boxes and a whopping lighting system make the ship to THE HOT SPOT in Carinthia
During the day the seat Party Boat is a shuttle service for thousands visitors to the GTI event site in Reifnitz. Fat beats, cool drinks, the best bar crew and the most beautiful view of the events surrounding the lake are the constant companions. Every night from 20.00 clock starts the party cruise, where about 200 people have the opportunity to spend an beautiful evening at the lake , where International DJs turntables heat up with the hottest hits.